Hajiyev Rasim Vagid Oglu

Azerbaijan Society of Ophthalmologists, Azerbaijan

He is the author of 2 monographs, published more than 60 articles in the famous science journals and the owner of 2 Patens. The first Patent was awarded to the establishment of the new pathogenies of chronic deceases.

The second Patent was awarded to the creation of the chronic diseases’ treatment called "Human Attractors Treatment" HAT Medicine. This is a completely new treatment method of chronic deceases based on creation the balance between microbic population and antibodies. Based on this method most of deceases can be cured of for a very short time (8 days). Meantime, He is the owner of HAT Medicine Clinic located in Baku, Azerbaijan. He has published the number of articles regarding the treatment mentioned above which are available in the website www.hatmedicine.com