Marika Martena

University of Bari, Italy

Marika Martena is graduated in Optics and Optometry, Summa cum Laude, at the University of Salento (Italy). She has worked in the primary eye care field and has collaborated with the center of research for contact lenses “CERCA” at the University of Salento. In 2020 she won the Italian and EMEA FORCE competitions (Future Ocular Research Creativity Event), publishing an article on her clinical research in a well-known peer-reviewed journal. She also achieved a master’s degree in Posturology and Basic Biomechanics and a specialization course in Visual Training to expand her knowledge in these fields. She has also spoken at industry-leading events. As an optometrist, she strives to assist every patient with advanced and quality eye care, dispensing contact lenses and spectacles, and performing binocular vision assessment.